Hair Replacement - Hair Line India

  • 10,000 / 1 Unit 25,000

    Hair Line India provides best hair fixing service for men in Kochi. Hair fixing is a non-surgical patch arrangement for partial baldness treatment.There are different methods of hair fixing like hair Bonding, Hair Weaving, Hair Silicon fixing is a 100% non-surgical procedure so hair Fixing is completely safe and cost effective procedure. Fact About Hair Fixing:- 1.Hair Fixing is suitable for both ladies and Gents. 2.Hair Fixing can be done in Just 2Hrs. 3.Hair Fixing gives you 100% natural looks. 4.Hair Fixing is undetectable. 5.Hair Fixing is an immediate solution for baldness. 6.Hair Fixing is 100% Safe. 7.Hair Fixing has no side effects.