Hair Extension

In our daily stressful life, hair fall is a common problem faced by many people. The baldness can push them further into depression and can cause many problems to day to day life and activities. Hair replacement is one of the solutions to earn back what you lost and live a happy life once again. Many people do not want to get surgery or are afraid of surgical procedures. Hair replacement service is for them. It is the best option for those people who are in the initial stage of hair loss.

Our extensions are applied with simple procedures to ensure harmless and safe procedures. We provide easy extension services to add both length and volume to your hair. If you are looking to highlight or lowlight but doesn’t want to put chemicals on their hair or only wants to have a temporary change, hair extensions will work for you.

We provide quality hair treatment services. The non-surgical hair replacement experts are capable to process a painless and effective treatment for getting a better result on your hair. If you experience hair fall, then you can avail the hair replacement options along with the ongoing hair fall treatment.

Hair Extension Services

Technologies we use in our hair extension services
  • MICRO RINGS – Micro rigs use hair strands pressed collectively with a bond which is stretched using a micro ring and then it is further locked securely to place the hair properly.
  • This method is light and is also highly strong, which means that there will be no damage to your scalp or hair. Due to its strength, you never have to worry about hair falling out of place
  • MICRO WEFTS – The micro weft hair methide is faster that of the micro ring. The weft hair is fixed horizontally against the head and after that, it is gently pulled using micro rings which are tightened to secure the bond.
  • TAPE – In tape Methode, a pre-taped hair is taped into suite your hair. The method is known to be 100% natural and can be done without any tools or chemicals.
  • PRE BONDED – In this method, the hair is attached by heating the keratin tip of the extended hair and attaching it to your hair.

If you think hair extension is for you, then consult our team right away and find out the best way to do Extension most healthily. Contact us and fix an appointment today. After booking our team will get you through every procedure and give a detailed brief to make the procedure easy and flawless. We assure complete care and assistance during the process for a successful and satisfying extension. 


Rs. 8000 / 1 Unit