Hair Fixing for Men

Hair fixing is another non-surgical method where a hairpiece is attached using a clip. Hair fixing needs proper care, as continuous usage can lead to expansion of the bald area. To prevent it, the fixed hair must be removed while doing prolonged activities like sleeping.

Types of Hair Fixing

  • Permanent Hair Fixing
  • Temporary Hair Fixing

It can be further divided into four – Hair Bonding, Hair Weaving, Hair Patching and Hair Extension. These choices are made based on the requirement of the customers.

The Hair Line India’s hair fixing system is integrated to ensure undetectability towards the eyes as the material we use is crafted from high-quality synthetic or human hair. Our skilled technicians are capable to bond the external hair component to your natural hair by understanding every specifications and attribute of your existing hair. By understanding your expectation we customize solutions independently for matching you alone.

Are you interested? talk to our experts now and tell us your requirements. We will ensure complete secrecy and privacy for every procedure we do at Hairline India. With multiple hairs fixing option wean help you with any solutions you want.

Rs. 10,000 / 1 Unit