Hair Replacement for Male and Female

We draft an impeccable framework to get your head packed with hair. Our hair replacement services are conducted by using latest and advanced technologies.  Along with hair replacement, we also provide the best hair treatment solutions for making your hair strong and smooth.

Our non-surgical hair replacement services include

  • Hair Weaving – For this method, we first analyze the size of baldness, color and texture patterns. After the step, a custom made hair system will be chosen. After getting everything ready our hair technicians will integrate the selected hair.
  • Hair Bonding – It is a painless and fastest method to increase the length of the hair. In men, this technique is mainly used to treat hair loss conditions. It is a comparatively low-cost remedy than going for a surgery.
  • Hair Extension – Through hair extension is commonly used by women, it can be applied for men. As the name suggests, it is used to extend the hair for those with lesser hair.
  • Micro Wefting – Micro Wefting is a non-surgical procedure, which is easy to implement, painless and safe. It has no side effects and is suitable for any kind of baldness.


Advantages of  Hair Replacement Services
  • Painless Process – The process is completely painless and effortless. It has no side effects and is completely natural.
  • Non-surgical Treatment – Our hair replacement services can be done without going for surgery. It can be done easily and effectively with the help of our expert technicians
  • Cost-Effective Hair Treatment – All our products are cost-effective to ensure affordability for every segment of consumers.
  • An instant solution for hair loss and thinning problems.
  • It is a non-surgical and easy method which does not have any pain
  • Can be maintained easily and reused
  • People with Micro Wefted hair can take part in many activities like swimming.


Post-treatment guidelines for Hair Extension

After the replacement, the hair needs proper maintenance and care for ensuring sustainability. You must make sure to use specialized products like shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, etc. as suggested by our hair technician or doctor. Customized products are available in the market for supporting hair replacement/fixing. You can also visit us every month for a checkup to ensure everything is on track.

The non-surgical replacement produces the best visible results among other procedures. It offers an undetachable look and feel. Hair replacement is a flexible solution in attaining perfection in case of baldness. One of the main advantages of non-surgical hair replacement is that it is damage-free and easy to integrate. 

Need to make an appointment? contact us and learn more about the practical aspects of hair replacement. Our experts will walk you through every procedure and provide you with complete information for your satisfaction. 


Rs. 10,000 / 1 Unit